How long will the pelvic drain be in after radical prostatectomy?

The majority of radical prostatectomies are performed using robot assisted laparoscopic technology.  Pelvic drains are commonly placed around the bladder to drain old blood and any urine leakage from the new connection made between the bladder and the urethra.

The drain is usually removed on postoperative day 1, but on occasion will need to be left in place for two or three days, or until the drain output becomes minimal 
At the conclusion of the prostatectomy a drain is placed around the new connection between the bladder and urethra.  The drain helps remove residual blood and fluid as well as any urine that might leak from the new connection.  The drain is typically on the first day following surgery. However if there is significant fluid draining, than your physician may decide to keep it in place for longer. 

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