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Top Ten Social Healthmakers: Prostate

These Social HealthMakers discuss prostate cancer -- advances in research, treatment and drugs, screening and coping with prostate cancer.

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Each year, more than 240,000 men in the U.S. are diagnosed with prostate cancer. Experts have made great strides in identifying and treating the disease, yet thousands of men continue to die from it. We're recognizing the doctors, advocates, caregivers, patients and journalists who are helping to spread awareness of prostate cancer, its risk factors and treatment options. 
To answer your questions about prostate cancer -- from symptoms and treatments to tips on living with the disease -- visit Prostate Cancer Topic Center.
John McHugh, MD

2 / 11 John McHugh, MD

John McHugh, MD is a urologist who has been treated for prostate cancer. He authors the blog "Prostate Diaries" and wrote The Decision, a book that describes the decision-making process for the newly diagnosed prostate cancer patient. He is also the creator of the ProstateMD iPhone app, which provides information about prostate cancer decision-making.


Prostate Diaries

Gabe Canales

3 / 11 Gabe Canales

Gabe Canales was diagnosed with prostate cancer at age 35 and has made it his mission to raise younger men's awareness about the disease. Canales is the founder of Blue Cure Foundation, a nonprofit organization that strives to increase funding for research and encourage preventive "anticancer" dietary and lifestyle habits. He blogs for the Huffington Post and the Houston Chronicle, and speaks regularly around the U.S. to spread prostate cancer awareness.


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The Huffington Post

Joel Nowak

4 / 11 Joel Nowak

Joel Nowak is Director of Advocacy and Advanced Prostate Cancer Programs at Malecare, Inc., a patient-focused forum for men with prostate cancer, their families and healthcare providers. Nowak is a four-time cancer survivor living with advanced prostate cancer. He has written a free downloadable guide to advanced and recurrent prostate cancer, provided testimony at the FDA and guest-blogged for sites including PSA Rising and PatientPower


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Kevin Pho, MD

5 / 11 Kevin Pho, MD

Kevin Pho, MD is the author of (voted best medical blog in 2008), a contributor for USA Today and a primary-care provider at Nashua Medical Group. Forbes called a "must-read health blog," and CNN named @KevinMD one of its five recommended Twitter health feeds.


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Dan Zenka

6 / 11 Dan Zenka

Dan Zenka is the senior vice president of communications for the Prostate Cancer Foundation and author of the blog "My New York Minute." Zenka was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2010 and started writing on his blog to share information and patient perspectives. He shares his personal experiences and stories of his journey with prostate cancer to encourage men to talk about prostate cancer.


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Tara Parker-Pope

7 / 11 Tara Parker-Pope

Tara Parker-Pope is a columnist for The New York Times and writes their daily health blog, "Well." The blog features and stories focus primarily on small everyday decisions about food, family and fun that ultimately influence long-term health and happiness. Prior to joining the publication, Parker-Poke wrote health and wellness articles for the Wall Street Journal's "Health Journal" column.


Well -- New York Times


8 / 11 Leah

Leah writes the blog "Living with Prostate Cancer: A Wife's Passion," which tells personal stories of dealing with prostate cancer through the eyes of someone close to a prostate cancer patient. Leah's blog is part of the network of blogs associated with Malecare, Inc., a patient-focused forum for men with prostate cancer and their families and healthcare providers.


Living with Prostate Cancer: A Wife's Passion

Matthew Schmitz, MD

9 / 11 Matthew Schmitz, MD

Matthew Schmitz, MD is the Guide to prostate cancer. He has worked closely with prostate cancer patients and their loved ones throughout his career. He has a passion for educating patients and their loved ones about prostate cancer, and for making their experience with the disease as easy as possible. -- Prostate Cancer

Deborah Kotz

10 / 11 Deborah Kotz

Deborah Kotz provides health and wellness information to readers on through the blog "Daily Dose". She has been writing about health for two decades and previously worked as a senior writer for US News & World Report. Kotz attended Cornell University and currently lives in the Washington D.C. area.

David B. Samadi, MD

11 / 11 David B. Samadi, MD

David B. Samadi, MD is a health columnist for and serves as the Vice Chairman, Department of Urology and Chief of Robotics and Minimally Invasive Surgery at The Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City. A board-certified urologist, Dr. Samadi is a specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of urologic diseases, kidney cancer, bladder cancer and prostate cancer. 


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