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What precautions should I take after prostate seed implantation?

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  • Take the following radiation safety precautions after undergoing prostate seed implantation (a procedure in which small radioactive "seeds" are implanted into your prostate gland):

    1. Stay at least 3 feet away from pregnant women or children under the age of puberty for 60 days after the implant.
    2. Wear a condom for two weeks after the implant. This will protect your partner if a seed is passed during relations. Condoms may be flushed down the toilet.
    3. It is not unusual to have minor rectal bleeding after radiation therapy. If this occurs, call your urologist and radiation oncologist. The doctor may prescribe a suppository to treat the swelling. No colonoscopy, biopsy or treatment to the rectum should ever be done without permission from your urologist or radiation oncologist. You may also have frequent bowel movements and soft stools.
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