Is progesterone cream better than pills for improving health?

For many women, hormone replacement therapy is not an ideal way to deal with the natural depletion of hormones that comes with menopause. For many women, progesterone pills created too many problems. It interacted with other medications and it caused too many side effects.

Hence the popularity of progesterone cream, which may allow women to have the benefits of the progesterone pill without the uncomfortable side effects. The operative word here, however, is may. There are not enough medical and scientific studies to prove what the product makers say about these claims. So when it comes to the progesterone cream being more beneficial than the synthetic progesterone pills, an old song comes to mind. "It Ain't Necessarily So."

There are studies, but they don't back the claims of progesterone cream proponents. One study revealed that progesterone cream did not absorb well enough into the skin, thus, it was not an effective replacement for the progesterone women naturally produce. Therefore, according to the study, progesterone cream cannot fight off endometrial cancer. But another researcher found quite the opposite. The progesterone cream leads to too much progesterone in the body. And that, over time, can affect the adrenal glands, rendering the goal of hormonal harmony moot. As always, consult your medical professional before embarking on a progesterone cream regimen. And if you are pregnant or nursing, stay away from progesterone.

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