What is plasma skin regeneration (Portrait)?

In plasma skin regeneration (Portrait), pulses of heat energy are directed to superficial and deeper layers of skin, which promotes new collagen growth.

What it's best for: Evening out pigment irregularities, improving fine lines, deeper wrinkles, and sagging.

Average cost: $1,000 per treatment.

Number of treatments: Varies according to amount of energy used. Expect one treatment with high energy or several at medium or low energy.

Risks and recovery time:
  • Low-energy treatments require little down time, though redness may persist for several days. Skin may turn brown and flake for as long as 10 days.
  • A single, high-energy treatment can require up to a week of healing time, during which swelling, peeling, and crusting may occur.
  • Some risk of temporary pigment problems.
Inside scoop:
  • Healing is progressive, so skin may continue to improve for a year following treatment.
  • May be uncomfortable for a few hours after treatment.
  • Initial tightness and sensitivity are annoying.

Plasma skin rejuvenation (Portrait) is a nonablative procedure that improves skin texture and reduces wrinkles and irregular skin coloring. It works by delivering millisecond pulses of nitrogen plasma energy to the skin. The procedure takes about 15 to 40 minutes, depending on the extent of the work. Discomfort may be managed with pretreatment application of topical anesthesia. The skin is red for about six days on average.

Best results may require one to three procedures, depending on the energy and settings used. There is usually marked improvement in wrinkles without creating a wound. Improvements can be seen after a month, and results continue to improve with subsequent treatments. The average cost is about $1,800.

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