What type of laser is best for removing broken blood vessels on my face?

Patricia Farris, MD
You might actually benefit from using a combination of lasers and light sources to improve the overall appearance of your skin. Unwanted blood vessels come from excessive sun exposure and are seen in individuals with rosacea. They are more common in fair skinned people and contrary to popular belief, they are not a sign of excessive drinking. We have several lasers that do a great job at treating unwanted vessels. The VariLite would probably be my first choice. There is no down time with this laser and it can be used to treat individual vessels quickly and effectively. If you have lots of vessels or more generalized redness then I would recommend intense pulsed light (IPL) to treat the entire area. IPL is great for treating the face, neck and chest and for getting rid of that unsightly redness that can occur on the sides of the neck from repeated sun exposure. For more stubborn blood vessels, we use the V Beam laser. The V beam is quick and effective but it leaves a small purple bruise in the treated area that might last a couple of days.

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