How can I keep my child safe from medication errors in the hospital?

You should be present and active in your child’s hospitalization to keep him or her safe from drug errors. Be sure you are informed about your child’s care and the medications they may receive. There are some special things to pay attention to in order to ensure that your child’s medications are delivered safely in the hospital:
  • It is important that the clinicians who care for your know the height and weight of your child. Height and weight can make a significant difference in how medications are prepared and delivered to your child.
  • Kids cannot always speak for themselves. A parent’s sensitivity to a change in child’s behavior can help identify a medication problem sooner than a nurse or physician might notice.
  • Older kids can be taught to recognize the color of their medications and understand what they should and should not get.
  • Remind your child that medicines are not candy, even though they can often be formulated to taste good.
  • Younger patients often experience disconnection of an IV or other medication delivery tubing. Parents should not try to reconnect the tubing, but instead should call a nurse immediately.

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