What medications can cause weird sleep behaviors?

Chantix (generic name varenicline) Is a prescription drug prescribed to help people to kick the smoking habit. But some users also report having nightmares and night terrors.

Night terrors are more than just scary dreams. People who have night terrors are so struck by fear that they partially awaken from their sleep-sometimes moaning or screaming. They usually to not awaken completely during these episodes and sometimes do not recall the incident even happened.

Users of Lunesta (generic name eszopiclone) as well as Ambien (generic name zolpidem), have also reported nightmares and night terrors and nightmares. But users of both of these medications also have experienced an even weirder side effect. They have performed activities while they were asleep.

These activities have included sleepwalking, making phone calls, having sex, eating and believe it or not, driving.

Patients taking these sleep aids have reported that they have awakened while backing their cars out of driveways or while shopping at all-night grocery stores.

Some "Ambien drivers" even have been arrested for causing accidents.

Makers of both of these drugs have included warnings about these potential side effects. They also emphasize that the medications should not be taken with alcohol, which can heighten the effect.

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