What is a prescription assistance program?

Heart disease patients who do not take their medication as prescribed are at greatly increased risk of complications or coronary events such as heart attack. A common reason patients give for not taking their medication is that they cannot afford to purchase it. That is a legitimate worry, but absolutely nothing is more important than your health. If you are concerned about the financial costs of medication, talk with your prescribing physician, pharmacist or a hospital social worker. These professionals can help you identify prescription assistance programs that are appropriate for your situation.

Most prescription assistance programs are services set up by pharmaceutical companies to provide uninsured low-income or disabled patients with free or reduced-cost prescription medications. The programs help patients with obtaining medically necessary medications for which they do not have insurance coverage. Non-profit and governmental prescription assistance programs may be available in your state as well.

The key message is that financial barriers must not stand in the way of you taking care of your heart health. If you need financial assistance for prescriptions, there is help available.

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