How can I tell if my child will have a hard time changing to a new school?

Erik Fisher
There are some factors to take into account when considering whether or not your child may have a difficult time with a school transition. Temperament, academic history and life changes are just a few factors. Temperament refers to your child's innate approach to life. While some children are slower to warm up to change, others have a difficult time in almost any situation. Consider that your child's behavior and reactions to change may not be a purposeful act. It may be how they are "hard wired."

Academic and school history is another issue to consider. Sometimes kids have experiences that feel traumatic to them. From feeling bullied on the playground or by a teacher to difficulties in learning and keeping up with the work, these situations can cause any number of emotional reactions. Even hearing stories about things that have happened to other kids can feed the anxiety and fears.

Finally, life changes can contribute to difficulties with kids. Divorce, moving, adoption, foster care, death of family members or even other classmates can evoke some challenging emotions for children. Many of us want stability in our lives, and even if school was a happy place for your child, changing schools could feel like they are being uprooted from a place that represented security and safety.

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