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How do I manage my low lying placenta during my pregnancy?

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  • Follow your doctor's orders closely if you have a low-lying placenta. Depending on where you are in your pregnancy and how close the placenta is to the cervix, you may have to hold off on too much activity and sexual intercourse. Take it easy. It is not a bad idea to ask for help running errands and with other household chores. Make sure to call your doctor right away if you start bleeding.

  • Managing a low lying placenta during pregnancy involves avoiding activities that might stimulate vaginal bleeding or pre-term labor. If there have been no problems with vaginal bleeding or pre-term labor, preventative measures might include:

    • Avoid all strenuous activities, such as running, lifting or exercising.
    • Refrain from sexual intercourse
    • Avoid inserting anything, such as tampons or vaginal douches, into the vagina.
    • Avoid constipation or straining. A diet with fiber and adequate fluids or a mild stool softener might be recommended.

    If there have been episodes of vaginal bleeding or pre-term labor during the pregnancy, the healthcare provider might place the woman on bed rest.


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