What high-sodium foods should I avoid while taking prednisone?

Prednisone can increase sodium and water retention and increase your blood pressure. Therefore, sodium may need to be restricted in your diet. High-sodium foods to avoid include:
  • Commercial soups: Bouillon cubes, dehydrated soup mixes, canned broth and canned soup (unless labeled "low sodium")
  • Processed meats: Ham, bacon, sausage, frankfurters, cold cuts (bologna, salami, pastrami), corned beef, smoked or dried meat or fish. 
  • Canned meats and fish (unless labeled "no salt added") 
  • Salt pork, processed cheese, and frozen packaged dinners. 
  • Processed vegetables: Pickles, sauerkraut, canned vegetables (unless labeled "no salt added"), frozen vegetables with sauces. 
  • Starches: Salted crackers, pretzels, potato chips, corn chips, salted popcorn, salted nuts or seeds, etc. 
  • Beverages: Buttermilk, tomato juice and vegetable juice (unless labeled "low sodium"). 
  • Condiments for use in moderation: catsup, prepared mustard, horseradish, sauces (barbecue, chili, and Worcestershire). 
  • Condiments to avoid altogether: pickle relish, olives, garlic salt, onion salt, monosodium glutamate (MSG) (Accent), soy sauce, meat tenderizers, and salad dressings (unless homemade).
Salt substitutes are high in potassium and should only be used with your doctor's permission.

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