What physical therapy will I need after my lung transplant?

Before initiating any exercise program, consult with your physician and or physical therapist. Your program may include the following:

Airway clearance:
  • The active cycle of breathing
Breathing exercises:
  • Incentive spirometer
  • Diaphragmatic breathing 
  • PNF D2 flexion/extension with deep breathing
Cardiovascular exercise:
  • Home walking program/cycle ergometer program (to be started in-house)
Strengthening exercises:
A. Lower extremity exercises:
  • In bed: Knee to chest, hip abduction/adduction (supine), ankle pumps, bridging, straight leg raise, hip abduction in sidelying
  • In the chair: Hip flexion, ankle pumps, knee extension, sit to stand 
  • Standing: Standing calf lift, mini-squat (wall squat)
B. Upper extremity exercises:
  • In bed (on the mat): Biceps curl; triceps curl; bench press
  • Anterior arm lift

Strength/postural exercises:
A. Neck and trunk:
  • Shoulder circles; Cervical range of motion; trunk ­ lateral flexion
B. Lower extremities:
  • Hamstring stretch, calf stretch
C. 6 weeks post-surgery:
  • Shoulder flexion overhead
  • Shoulder abduction and horizontal abduction standing against wall
  • Elbows out into sides with fingers locked behind neck

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