How should I treat poisoning?

To treat poisoning, stay calm and do these things:
  • For swallowed poison: Call the Poison Control Center. If the person throws up, keep their mouth and throat clear.
  • For poison in the eye: Gently rinse the eye with slightly warm (not hot) water for 15 minutes. If the eyelid is stuck closed, do not force it open. Also call the Poison Control Center.
  • For poison on the skin: Take off any clothes that have the poison on them. Rinse skin with water for 10 minutes. Then wash skin gently with soap and water and rinse well. Also call the Poison Control Center.
  • For breathed poison: Move into fresh air right away. Open doors and windows wide to let fresh air in. If the person throws up, keep his mouth and throat clear. Also, call the Poison Control Center. And do not light a match in the area!
Call 911 or go to the hospital emergency room if:
  • Person is not breathing or his heart is not beating
  • The Poison Control Center tells you to
Call the Poison Control Center if:
  • You think you or someone else has been poisoned
  • You have any question about poisoning anytime. The experts at this number can give you free advice anytime, day or night. It does not have to be an emergency.

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