Should I talk to my doctor about a pituitary tumor?

Talk to your doctor about a pituitary tumor if you are experiencing any hormonal imbalances or vision problems. Pituitary tumors can cause such problems as headaches, nausea, low sex drive, excessive sweating, rapid weight loss or gain, and more. People who have the inherited condition multiple endocrine neoplasia I are also at risk of these tumors. Let your doctor know if you are experiencing any of these symptoms and/or have multiple endocrine neoplasia I.

Patients consistently and inexplicably suffering from three or more of the following symptoms should be examined for a pituitary tumor: aching joints, carpal tunnel syndrome, disrupted menses, depression, early menopause, easy bruising, fatigue, growth problems, headache, inappropriate lactation, infertility, muscle weakness, obesity, osteoporosis, vision problems.

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