Are there alternative treatments for a pituitary tumor?

A "watch and wait" approach is one alternative treatment used for a pituitary tumor that is not presenting with any symptoms. A person affected by this type of tumor will schedule regular exams with their medical team and monitor the tumor to check for any signs of progression and growth. No other medical treatment is given. Alternative treatments can be used to help with the symptoms and effects of pituitary tumors. For example, acupuncture has been proven helpful in treating headaches and other types of physical pain sometimes associated with pituitary tumors.

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Do children with pituitary tumors receive the same treatment as adults?
Marvin Bergsneider, MDMarvin Bergsneider, MD
The treatment of pituitary tumors in children is very different from adults because as a child there...
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How often are pituitary tumors cancerous?
Anthony P. Heaney, MDAnthony P. Heaney, MD
Pituitary tumors are rarely cancerous and do not extend outside of the skull. People can have locall...
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What are pituitary tumors?
Anthony P. Heaney, MDAnthony P. Heaney, MD
Pituitary tumors are mostly benign slow growing lesions that originate in the cells of the pituitary...
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How long does a pituitary tumor last?
Honor Society of Nursing (STTI)Honor Society of Nursing (STTI)
A pituitary tumor will not go away without treatment. However-many tumors never present any symptoms...
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