Will I lose weight by doing Pilates?

Pilates exercises focus on strengthening and toning muscles. While it is not considered a cardiovascular workout, it does still provide some weight loss benefits. The muscle you build will promote additional calorie burn even while being sedentary. Depending on the sequences performed, the added boost in metabolism can help shed inches. Most practitioners will combine pilates with a cardiovascular activity such as jogging, running, hiking, or swimming. This combination along with a healthy diet can become a great weight loss program.
While Pilates is not specifically a cardio activity, it may result in weight loss depending upon your current level of activity. For clients who have begun Pilates programs with me who were either inactive or whose activity levels were restricted to light walking, they did experience weight loss through the course of their time working with me.

The greatest benefit in doing Pilates is that it re-shapes, elongates and tones muscles, which means that your clothes will fit differently. Even for clients who've experienced little to no weight loss through their Pilates program, they have often gone down a size or two because of the re-shaping of their bodies.

If your goal is weight loss, Pilates combined with a cardio program can be a winning combination. Pilates can be a great low-impact way to tone your core, legs, and arms and is an excellent way to begin exercising after long periods of inactivity or when recovering from injury.

When beginning a Pilates program, it is recommended that you commit to a minimum of 2 sessions per week, which can be combined with 3-5 30-minute cardio workouts per week.

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