How is a reformer used in Pilates?

The reformer is a wooden or metal piece of equipment with a foot bar, straps attached to pulleys and resistance springs, and a carriage. The base of the reformer is called a carriage and is what holds your body. Movements on the machine are performed either lying down, sitting, on your knees, or standing. The carriage moves by using the foot bar or straps and can be opposed by variable levels of resistance. This equipment aids in the development of the core muscles and forces mindful movement. The set exercises can remind you of ballet and gymnastics moves because Joseph Pilates drew from his experience in these traditions to create the reformer and other Pilates movements. Reformer exercises occur in all planes of motion. Examples range from triceps curls to inverted twists. The reformer should first be used under the guidance of a certified Pilates teacher.

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