How much does physical therapy cost?

Vincent Burke
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Each clinic may vary from being in-network (often a co-pay for the daily fee i.e. $25-$50), out of network ( certain % of coverage leaving you the balance i.e. 70% insurance payment and 30% the patient), Please note that each insurance policy may have a different deductible i.e. ($2,000 must be paid before insurance kicks in) or Fee for service ($75 to $175), depending on time and or how many body parts to care for.

In summation it may vary from clinic to clinic. The private practices and/or nonpublic held companies may have more flexibility with hard ship cases. As always we as professionals will always try to help and most would be willing to at least do a screening providing good self-help information or a professional opinion without a fee especially if hardship is an issue.

Cost can vary based on the business or clinic you choose to attend. Depending on the situation, some insurance carriers will provide help financing physical therapy sessions. Regardless of the cost, it is important to attend any physical therapy sessions your doctor has prescribed for you since these sessions can save you greater expense later if your injury or condition is allowed to fester and further degenerate your functional mobility.

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