What are some general kitchen accessibility guidelines?

The most important thing about having an accessible kitchen is having enough room to move around without hindrance. Aisles should be wide enough for two people to pass each other or for a wheelchair to turn around. Appliances, countertops, sinks, and faucets should be within easy reach for someone in a seated position. Cabinets and drawers should open easily. To accommodate a wheelchair, scooter, or walker:
  • Kitchen aisles should be 46 to 48 inches wide.
  • You will need a 5-foot turning circle at both ends; a space that is longer than wider (63×56 inches) may be even better. (The turning radius of your wheelchair or mobility device should be your guide.)
  • Doorways should be a 32 to 36 inches wide. Remove narrower doors wherever possible and replace pantry doors with curtains, folding doors, or pocket doors.
  • Keep things within reach of a seated person: 24 inches or less to the front or side and no more than 12 inches from the floor or 52 inches high.
  • Raise the cabinet toe space to 9 inches.
Home Accessibility (300 Tips for Making Life Easier)

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Home Accessibility (300 Tips for Making Life Easier)

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