How can we start an adaptive recreation program available in my home area?

The first step would be to contact established adaptive recreation programs in other areas. Many of them are happy to share their model with others. Talk to them about the types of activities you would like to provide, and ask them about the levels of staffing, funding and inventory that would be required. Do a site visit with them during a program week, spending a few days talking both to staff members and participants and seeing firsthand how the activities are presented. Ask the staff about their office procedures, their participant registration procedures, and program staff training. Ask the participants for their feedback about what they seek and need in an adaptive recreation program. If possible, schedule a meeting with the organization's executive director as well to ask about legal liabilities, the paperwork to establish a non-profit organization, how to set up the board of directors, staffing, and fundraising. Having a sound business plan is as important in establishing a non-profit organization as it is in setting up a for-profit business.

After gathering all of the information about how to set up your non-profit organization and adaptive recreation program, it is important to identify and contact potential supporters as early in the process as possible. Share your business plan, including your proposed budget, with them and ask for their support, whether it be financial or as a founding board member or both. Building a strong foundation of supporters from the start is key to obtaining the financial resources necessary to get the program started and to make it successful.
Joanne Duncan-Carnesciali, CPT,NASM Elite Trainer
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
The National Center for Physical Activity and Disability might be a good place to start.  Following is the link to contact an information specialist regarding your query.

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