How can I make my locks more accessible?

To make locks more accessible, replace a standard lock with a keyless entry lock. Getting in the door is easier if you do not have to fumble with keys. Today there are many alternatives. You can go hi-tech and punch a code into a keypad or use a one-button remote control, similar to the one that opens newer cars. Some can even open the door for you. Ask a locksmith, your security system company, or at a home improvement store about the many options available, or search “keyless locks” on the Internet.

Key turners with built-up handles give you greater leverage and make turning keys easier. You can make one by placing the head of the key over a comfortable piece of pipe or dowel and securing it with a rubber band wrapped around the key head like a figure-8 or “X,” or by using craft putty to fashion a comfortable handle. Ergonomically designed key turners are available in discount catalogs and websites that cater to the elderly.

A lighted key cover makes it easier to find the keyhole and you can use it to light the sidewalk as you walk. Bright colors and different shapes and textures aid those with visual limitations to identify specific keys.
Home Accessibility (300 Tips for Making Life Easier)

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Home Accessibility (300 Tips for Making Life Easier)

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