How can I avoid falling at home with a prosthesis?

Falling is a serious concern for anyone, but especially for someone with limb loss. The good news is that falling can be prevented if you take some proactive steps to ensure safety at home.

Check the lighting. Poor visibility is the cause of many falls. In fact, studies show that as we age, we need two to three times as much illumination as young adults. Make sure your home is well lit throughout, including hallways and outside paths. Replace burned out bulbs and have nightlights on in hallways, bathrooms and bedrooms at night to prevent injuries.

Make sure your walkways are safe. Check them daily for any items that could obstruct the path and cause a fall. Pick up any debris, including shoes, telephone and lamp cords, and children’s toys, or any other objects that impede the pathway. Make sure your outside path is free from leaves, puddles of standing water, wet snow, or ice. Also, coil all garden hoses and store near the house and away from the entrance. Devices are available at your garden store to hold the hoses safely.

Secure all carpeting. If you have throw rugs, make sure they have a rubber mat that adheres to the bottom of the rug and to the floor, so they don’t bunch up or slide. Clean under throw rugs regularly as dirt or sand under the rugs will cause them to slide when walked on. Re-glue vinyl flooring if it is coming loose, and have any loose floor tiles repaired.

Make sure all cords are out of sight. Keep lamp cords and other electrical wires and cords behind the furniture so they are not a falling hazard.

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