What are some examples of phobias?

Here's a brief list of specific phobias, including both the familiar and some of the more obscure.
  • Acrophobia: Fear of heights
  • Agoraphobia: Fear of being in a public place
  • Amathophobia: Fear of dust
  • Androphobia: Fear of men
  • Anuptaphobia: Fear of staying single
  • Arachnophobia: Fear of spiders
  • Bathophobia: Fear of deep places
  • Cathisophobia: Fear of sitting down
  • Chorophobia: Fear of dancing
  • Claustrophobia: Fear of enclosed spaces
  • Cynophobia: Fear of dogs
  • Entomophobia: Fear of insects
  • Ereuthophobia: Fear of blushing
  • Gamophobia: Fear of marriage
  • Gephyrophobia: Fear of crossing a bridge
  • Gymnophobia: Fear of seeing a naked person
  • Gynephobia: Fear of women
  • Hedonophobia: Fear of pleasure
  • Hypengyophobia: Fear of responsibility
  • Hypnophobia: Fear of sleep
  • Ichthyophobia: Fear of fish
  • Melophobia: Fear of music
  • Mysophobia: Fear of dirt
  • Nostophobia: Fear of returning home
  • Nyctophobia: Fear of night or darkness
  • Ophidiophobia: Fear of snakes
  • Pathophobia: Fear of disease
  • Pediophobia: Fear of children or dolls
  • Phobophobia: Fear of phobias
  • Psychrophobia: Fear of the cold
  • Scopophobia: Fear of being stared at
  • Sesquipedalophobia: Fear of long words
  • Spectrophobia: Fear of mirrors
  • Tocophobia: Fear of childbirth
  • Triskaidekaphobia: Fear of the number 13
  • Zoophobia: Fear of animals

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