How can I get over my fear of heights?

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    With fear of heights, as with any phobia, the brain is overprotecting us from a place that is a safe situation. It’s the alarm that keeps going off about the fear that makes us scared and gives us an uncomfortable and uneasy feeling when we’re in a high place.

    To get over your fear of heights, practice desensitizing yourself in high places, gradually increasing the degree of difficulty. You may start by picturing yourself up high or looking at pictures online, and then progress to standing on a stool or ladder, working your way up to an elevator or low balcony. Tell your mind that you are safe and work away at your fear a little at a time. Glass elevators can be a helpful middle step, and you can work your way up two or three floors at a time. A lot of the fear is that visual experience of looking down. Just know that the feeling of discomfort you have is from what you see -- not that you are actually in danger -- and the feeling will eventually pass.
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