What medication may prompt hallucinations?

You may not be surprised about hearing or seeing something that isn't there if you were taking LSD or morphine, but you may be surprised that some prescription drugs also "may cause visual and auditory hallucinations" as a side effect.

For instance, Parkinson's disease patients using Mirapex, have reported seeing everything from people hiding in their closets to snakes crawling up the walls. While these hallucinations are disturbing, patients who reduce or cease their medication often begin experiencing tremors and other impairments again.

Another medication-Lariam (generic name mefloquine)-was invented to prevent and treat outbreaks of malaria in the U.S. Army. Until recently, the drug-which as invented by researchers at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research-was routinely administered to soldiers deployed overseas and was given to many tourists, too.

However, Lariam carries some serious side effects-which includes the potential of hallucinations.

Both tourists and soldiers have reported experiencing frightening hallucinations and violent psychotic behavior soon after they took the drug. Beginning in the early 2000s, the Federal Food and Drug Administration began requiring patients to be screened for a history of psychosis and depression before allowing them to receive Lariam.

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