What is atenolol injection?

Atenolol injection is no longer available in the United States.

Atenolol injection is a drug used to treat individuals having a heart attack. It is given to these individuals to increase their chances of survival. It is not used for everyone having a heart attack; it is only given to those who are considered hemodynamically stable, with a good blood pressure and heart rate.

Atenolol injection belongs to a class of drugs called beta-blockers. These drugs cause the blood pressure to decrease and the heart rate to become slower. This allows more blood to flow to the heart muscle, so it gets more oxygen. Increasing the amount of oxygen delivered to the heart increases the chances of survival of individuals having a heart attack.

Atenolol injection is a solution that is administered only into a vein. It is only available by prescription, and it is almost exclusively administered in hospitals, by specially trained healthcare providers. It is sold under the trade name Tenormin Injectable, and there are no generic forms available. Recently, the only company that makes atenolol injection in the United States stopped manufacturing it, so it is no longer available.

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