How should I take water for injection?

Sterile water for injection should not be injected alone. It is usually mixed with other medications. Your pharmacist will assure the medication is safe for injection prior to dispensing.

Before administering the injection of the intravenous solution, squeeze the bag firmly to discern any leaks or holes, which could cause contamination. If any are found, do not use that particular bag. Hang the container from the eyelet support and take the protector out from the bottom of container. Then, attach the administration set and sterilize your equipment. If you need to add medication before administration, insert your needle (19 to 22 gauges wide) into the resealable port and inject the medicine. Make sure to dissolve the medication thoroughly in the water. If you need to add medication during administration, make sure to close the clamp first before preparing the site of injection. Using a needle of the same width (19 to 22 gauges wide), puncture the resealable port and inject the medicine. Next, move the container to an upright position and squeeze both ports until they are empty. After mixing the solution thoroughly, move the container to its original position.

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