What does it mean to embrace all?

Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
This affirmation is about uniting two realities. There is a path toGod that relies solely on the mind. It is the coldest, rockiestroad, offering nothing of comfort to the heart, yet the path of themind is also the simplest. It sets out to answer one question: Whoam I? The instant you ask the question, only two answers emerge,diverging like two roads in the woods.

The first answer: "I am this mind and body, born in thephysical world and destined to die."

The second answer: "I am being itself, which gives rise tothe cycle of birth and dying but lives eternally beyond them."

No one ever takes the second road nor, I believe, are we meant to.If you could satisfy yourself mentally that you are the eternal"I," what would be the use of experience? This world was made to bethe most enticing, seductive, beautiful, intoxicating, erotic, andsensual part of creation. It begs to be experienced, and thereforewe all took the first road. We put on individuality and subjectedourselves to birth and death. The drama has been magnificent.Pleasure and pain have overwhelmed us. Yet if birth and dying werethe ultimate reality, the road would lead to hell, so by the graceof being, the first road simply dissolves. The second road remainseternal. The being that is unborn and never dies, appears. You knowthe truth of who you are, which is All. Birth and dying go on. Butyou can step outside the drama whenever you wish. You can reclaimyourself beyond pleasure and pain. With undying gratitude you lookback over your shoulder and realize that for you suffering has cometo an end.
Richard Walsh
Social Work
On the physical level it might look like hugging everyone you meet. Obviously we don't do this, since this action could be considered inflictive by its nature. On an emotional level we may want to choose to embrace some, but embracing all might be emotionally exhausting and inflicting. On a mental level or unconscious level embracing all can leave us exhausted and again can be inflictive of another, though we may again choose to embrace some. Embracing all in my opinion works best when it is done on a spiritual level. Life experienced through our physical, emotional, and mental levels allow us the opportunity to learn to embrace all through our experiences. This includes all our pain as well as our pleasures. This takes place without judgement of ourselves or others. Evaluation is fine. When you start to master the concept "to embrace all" you then learn to know what it means.

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