How do I shift from a system of duality to one of wholeness?

Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
Most people are firmly entrenched an operating system of duality. They live according to the assumption that they are separate, isolated individuals in a random cosmos where what happens "in here" is not reflected "out there."

Unity is totally different from duality, but you don't have to wait for the end of this journey to live as if you are there in the next. Right now you are living as if limitation and separation must be true; therefore, you aren't leaving room for them not to be true. Even so, a hidden intelligence is preserving the incredible orderliness of life while allowing change to swirl around in apparent chaos. If exposed to sunlight on a fresh spring day, a living cell would wither and turn to dust, and its DNA would blow away in the wind. But such apparent fragility has survived two billion years of constant assault from the elements. In order to see that your own existence is protected by the same intelligence, you have to align with it first. Then a universal law reveals itself: Wholeness remains the same no matter how much it changes.

Your task is to make wholeness more real in your life. As long as you remain on the level where change is dominant, there is no possibility of truly becoming new. Duality maintains its operating system from moment to moment, and as long as you are plugged into it, that system seems real, workable, reliable, and self-validating. The other operating system, the one based on wholeness, works far better than the system you are used to. Wholeness is also real, workable, reliable, and self-validating. For the sake of getting our bearings, let's look at some familiar situations and see how each system would handle them.

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