What is awareness?

Deepak Chopra
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What is awareness? You fill up your mental suitcase with so many things -- feeling harried in traffic, being happy or out of sorts, confused or certain, focused or distracted. Yet awareness is not a suitcase, nor is it the things you stuff inside. Awareness is just itself -- pure, alive, alert, silent, and full of potential. Sometimes you come close to experiencing that pure state, and at these times a special hint, comes to the surface instead of lying hidden out of sight. Some hints are palpable; they arise as undeniable sensations in the body. Others arise at a subtle level that is difficult to verbalize: a shiver of something unexpectedly catches your attention. If you notice even one such hint, you have in your hand a thread that could lead beyond thought, feeling, or action. If there is only one reality, every clue must lead eventually to the same place where the laws of creation operate freely, which is awareness itself. Awareness is -- pure, alive, alert, silent, and full of potential.

 According to the Merrium Webster Dictionary awarenesss is synonomous with self awareness and self awareness is defined as an awareness of one's own personality or individuality. Awareness is the act of being present. Self is the "I" experienced by each individual; who we preceive ourself to be. Awareness is the act of being present with yourself. It is the act of knowing how you are feeling in the present moment, paying attention  to what you body is telling you, not what your mind is thinking of telling you.

Rogers, a famous psychologist, came up with the theory that a person's self-concept determines his behavior and his relation to the world, and that true theraputic improvements occur only when the individual changes his own self-concept. In every moment of everyday we have a choice, to either accept the moment or resist it, to either embrace the moment or push it away.How do we then know when to make a choice if we are never aware of the moment we have a chance to make a choice? Many of us are on auto pilot, we don't even realize how unaware we are of our reactions to the world, events, situations and circumstances.We just react and then deal with the consequences, rarely realizing if we had just reacted differently, if we had just taken a moment to be aware, we could of realized we had a choice to make and the outcome could of been different.

This is the first step to awareness, to understand when there is a moment to be aware. We can't make changes if we don't know exactly what it is we want to change. We can't set goals if we are not aware of the goals we want to achieve. We have to take time and be present and be aware and to listen to what our bodies are saying to us. Rabbi Noah Weinberg said "It all begings with a decision, a commitment. Try saying aloud, Life is an opportunity. I want to use my mind, and be constantly moving toward my goal." This is awareness the ability to preceive who it is you are and who it is you want to be, to set goals, to be commited and go for it!

 "Every human has 4 endowments: self-awareness, consciousness, independent will, and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom... the power to chose, to respond, to change!" - Steven R. Covey



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