What are the two faces of love?

Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
Think about the nature of love today. Love has two faces: personaland impersonal. Personal love is felt as long as "I" get something- pleasure, validation, agreement, acknowledgment for beingimportant - so it is rooted in the needs of the ego. Giving yourpersonal love to someone else requires an agreement, an exchange,and a bargain with that person. If either side breaks the bargain,love is cut off. Impersonal love arises from the true self, whichneeds to exact nothing from anyone else. Impersonal love doesn'tmean indifference to others but extending your embrace beyondpersonality and ego. Such love brings intense pleasure with noprice to pay. You owe no one for your happiness. Being untied fromego gives the soul great freedom. Whatever it sees, it can findlove in that thing. While the ego is reacting with fear, anger,clinging, greed, avoidance, hatred, violence, or aggression, thetrue self feels only the steady flow of impersonal love. Affirmthis today, and know that the soul's love awaits you.

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