Does finding my true self make me good?

Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
It feels remarkable when petty anger can be transformed to so noblea feeling as compassion. The true self doesn't goad us into beinggood. It takes our existing impulses and views them in a new light.Insight opens the gates of the heart. Many times a day each of usfeels the impulse, however faint, of saintliness. Walk down a citystreet for ten minutes and you see all around you reasons to give,to help, to offer charity and compassion, to forgive, and perhapseven to love. In each situation, the need to cut ones-self off ispresent, because that has been a long habit, but a fresher impulsealso arises. The true self is sending these new signals.

Notice and feel them. Dwell on them instead of pushing them down.Avoid your habit of turning away or being too afraid to act. Actwhen you can. Appreciate your own goodness and congratulateyourself whenever you move closer, if by an inch, to your trueself.

That's the program, and it is a simple one. There is no need toregard the soul as an abstraction handed down by theology. It is anaspect of yourself waiting for your recognition. 

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