How does the shadow (of consciousness) get your attention?

Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
The intensity of shadow energies is a way of getting noticed. Hiding something is not the same as killing it. Shadow energies remain alive. Even though you refuse to look at them, they aren't extinguished -- their desire for life becomes all the more desperate. To catch your attention as a parent, a child who is overlooked will become more and more extreme in its behavior: first a call for attention, then a cry, then a tantrum. Shadow energies follow much the same pattern. It seems only reasonable to see panic attacks, for example, as a hidden fear throwing a tantrum. That same fear first called out to be noticed in a normal way, but when the person refused to notice it, a call turned into a cry and finally ended up as a full-blown attack. Fear and anger are especially adept at increasing the voltage to the point where we feel that they are alien, evil, demonic forces acting without our will. They are actually just aspects of consciousness forced into inhuman intensity by repression. Repression says, "If I don't look at you, you will leave me alone." To which the shadow answers, "I can do things that will make you look at me."

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