What is the problem with Enneagram type two personalities?

Lisa Oz
Health Education

Even when they're not in a reactionary mode, Twos can be a little suffocating; they are the original codependents. And while they're always ready to give, they almost always expect some form of reciprocation. They can actually be aggressively selfish in a deceptively passive way. If the motivation for their loving behavior is an underlying compulsion to get affirmation for themselves and doesn't take into account the genuine desires of the other person, then Twos aren't really acting from love.

In the same way that Ones can be too "good," Twos can be too "nice." Part of the problem is that they secretly take pride in their self-sacrificing. They know they're putting everyone else first and somehow that makes them superior.

Twos could benefit from paying more attention to taking care of themselves. Getting a massage every now and then might help, or saying no once in a while when the boss suggests another working weekend. Twos need to be really clear with themselves about their hidden agenda and ask themselves what they're getting from their relationships. They can also practice giving with no strings attached. When there's no expectation, there's no opportunity for disappointment, and that way everyone gets a gift.

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