What is the problem with Enneagram type three personalities?

Lisa Oz
Health Education

Threes shine. Charm leaks from their pores. It's hard to resist a confident, energetic, attractive Three. They can't even resist themselves. Threes generally like being Threes. They think their success and popularity are all that count. They ignore the fact that they have a tendency to be vain, shallow, social-climbing narcissists. And they're often big fat phonies. Threes lie. Not the tall whopper that could get you to call them on. They're masters of the subtle exaggeration, the tactful evasion, and deception by implication.

The fact that the rest of us believe them isn't the problem; it's the fact that they buy the lie themselves. Complacent Threes live in a world of self-delusion. If Threes aren't really honest with themselves, they'll actually start to believe that they are the giant green floating head in The Wizard of Oz and not the scared little man behind the curtain.

For Threes to evolve, they need to be rigorously devoted to the truth. They also need to work in a little downtime, when they're not performing or achieving-a moment or two when they're off the stage and can reflect or meditate. (And no, plotting the next phase of global dominion and world conquest does not qualify as meditation.) When they learn to go inside with integrity, then their leadership can become truly inspirational.

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