What is the problem with Enneagram type seven personalities?

Lisa Oz
Health Education

So what could possibly be wrong with being a cheerful, vivacious, enthusiastic and positive Seven? If you were happy all the time, why would you want to change anything? Playful and fun-loving is a pretty good way to go through life. However, there's a dark side to being so light.

With Sevens the drive for pleasure is motivated primarily by a deep-seated underlying need to avoid pain. They're unable to confront their own grief and fear, so they retreat to the surface, where they can keep themselves amused and distracted by activities or possessions. Beneath the big smile and happy-go-lucky attitude is a hollowness that Sevens would rather not face. By repressing anything negative and staying in perpetual motion, they try to skip along through the pretty parts of life.

The problem is that the void is still there and a few kittens and buttercups aren't going to make it go away. So what Sevens typically do is get more. The pitfall of a Seven is excess. If a pony makes me happy, why not just buy the herd. More, more, more, and the gnawing emptiness still isn't satisfied. That's when Sevens become hedonistic, debauched, and gluttonous. Life becomes a pleasure-seeking party, full of good times and high hopes but lacking in real connection or meaning.

Sevens need to acknowledge the unpleasant: the ugly and the painful in the world and inside themselves. They need to see their own suffering and the suffering of those around them. Sevens can also grow through practicing restraint. Resisting the urge to constantly acquire more allows them to fully appreciate what is. By allowing themselves to be present to reality, without evasion, exaggeration, or euphemism, Sevens bring a depth of sobriety to their happiness and experience real joy.

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