What is the problem with Enneagram type one personalities?

Lisa Oz
Health Education

The problem with Enneagram Type One personalities is that they can sometimes become self-righteous. Ones who believe their own dogma tend to be opinionated, critical, intolerant, and inflexible. And yes, we can all be all of those things, but when Ones are, they feel they're justified by everyone else's poor behavior. Ones can also be hypocritical. Once they realize that even they don't meet their own idealistic standards, they can give up on the attempt to be perfect and shift their efforts to the attempt to look perfect. The newspapers are littered with stories of politicians and prosecutors who have built their careers and public personae around stomping out some form of immorality only to later be caught seducing male interns or hiring prostitutes from another state.

Ones' ardent desire to be good isn't a bad thing. They just need to temper it with honesty and acceptance-honesty in addressing their underlying anger, and acceptance of the beauty in imperfection. They could also benefit from a little silliness, a good laugh, a naked dance in the moonlight by allowing themselves to let go every now and then, they learn to balance their sense of order and create a life of harmony and joy.

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