What is the problem with Enneagram type nine personalities?

Lisa Oz
Health Education

On one level they seem to be living in a place that the rest of us aspire to, serene and accepting of whatever the universe has to offer. Yet their complacent approach can often become a way of tuning out everything that is uncomfortable or disquieting, and this is where Nines get into trouble. They'll do anything to maintain their peace of mind, even if it means disengaging from life. Rather than dealing with difficult situations or relationships, they retreat into a fantasy realm of euphemism and denial. Nines make conflict avoidance an art form.

Nines also prefer to avoid any kind of effort or struggle. Saying they're lazy might be a bit harsh, but they definitely have a degree of inertia-which is actually one of the ways Nines assert themselves. Good luck trying to get a Nine to do something they don't want to do. "Stubborn" doesn't begin to describe their level of resistance. They are positively immovable. This obstinacy is rare, however, since Nines' most common manifestation of lethargy is a passive "go with the flow" sort of attitude. Identifying oneself as a Nine can sometimes be difficult. They share many qualities with the other eight types but often lack anything clearly distinctive. They don't always have a strong sense of themselves as individuals and often repress whatever needs they do have in order to accommodate those around them.

To claim their inner power, Nines need to become engaged. Rather than escaping into delusion and passivity, they must assert themselves and take decisive action. When they realize the true path to resolution is through the paradox of opposition, they can find true peace.

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