What is the problem with Enneagram type four personalities?

Lisa Oz
Health Education

Fours' need to be special often drives them away from relationships and genuine connection. They're so in touch with their own feelings that they can let those feelings become their only reality. This self-absorption can lead to isolation and alienation. They're by no means easy. With a tendency to be moody anyway, Fours frequently slip into melancholy or outright depression. Even happyish Fours take themselves really, really seriously. Somewhere hidden underneath the layers of eccentricity and omantic nuance, many Fours feel lacking or unworthy.

Fours' work lies in resisting the urge to withdraw into their inner world. They need to detach from their powerful emotional states and refocus their creative energies into something outside themselves. Transcendence for a Four occurs not through more self-awareness but through outward creative expression. It takes a great deal of discipline, but when Fours turn their attention from their specific experience to the broader scope of humanity, they can bring true beauty into their lives and the lives of others.

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