What is the problem with Enneagram type five personalities?

Lisa Oz
Health Education

Understanding the way the world works-how the pieces fit together-is the way that a Five attempts to control his or her environment and thereby feel secure. For a Five, knowledge is more than power; it's survival. If a Five happens to be afraid of sharks, you can be sure he'll be an expert on everything from their migration patterns to their reproductive cycle. I know one Five who hates to fly so much that she learned (theoretically) how to land a plane in case both pilots had heart attacks.

Fives like to collect things as well as information. Cameras are usually a Five's favorite possession, but they gravitate to any technology-based gadget. They don't actually need much and pride themselves on their moderate lifestyles, but they aren't particularly generous with what they're not using. Fives aren't natural givers. Even on the mental level, they are much more focused on obtaining information than on turning what they've learned to useful action. Deep down they sense an existential emptiness, and their need to know or acquire is, in large part, an attempt to fill that void. Ironically, it's only through consciously giving to others, rather than taking for themselves, that Fives are ever truly satisfied.

For Fives to grow emotionally and spiritually, they need to get out of their heads and open their hearts. By going from contemplation to committed action, Fives can begin to learn from their own experience. With this type of knowing, they won't need all the facts and will be able to live in the beauty of embraced mystery.

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