What are people with Enneagram type two personalities like?

Lisa Oz
Health Education

Twos are the caregivers of the universe. They spend their lives looking after the rest of us so that we can go about doing whatever it is we do. They're the nurturers, the enablers, and the support staff: Mother Teresa, Florence Nightingale, and the biblical Martha all rolled into one. Twos' motto is "Sacrifice and serve." They love to be useful, to give you what you need, to be . . . indispensable.

Twos want you to want them. Actually, they need you to need them. Their sense of self-worth is almost completely determined by whether or not they're perceived as useful and necessary. Which of course means if you have a Two doing anything for you, you'd better fire off a thank-you note immediately. When Twos feel undervalued, they can become bitter, manipulative, and resentful. Twos' favorite weapon is guilt. Lines like "I gave my life's blood for you and you can't even pick up the phone" are standard in the thwarted Two's arsenal.

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