What are people with Enneagram type six personalities like?

Lisa Oz
Health Education

I'm a Six, and I can't say I am particularly thrilled by that fact. But that's pretty normal for a Six. We're conflicted-mostly about ourselves. Now, for all the rest of you who happen to be Sixes-and I'm assuming there are a lot of you, since Father Richard Rohr tells me it's the most common type in the Western world - being a Six can be wonderful. We can be deeply loyal, trustworthy, hardworking, and affectionate. We're endearing and dutiful, sensitive and vigilant. Sixes can also be extremely brave under pressure. Since they're dealing with their fears all the time, one more instance where they have to overcome some real or perceived threat isn't that big a deal.

Managing fear, anxiety, worry - whatever you want to call it-is what Sixes do most. For Sixes, it's almost as if the worrying holds the world in place. It gives them a level of assurance just to be aware of all the bad things that could happen. One way some Sixes cope is by becoming counterphobic. They avoid the underlying terror by keeping themselves on an adrenaline rush, taking crazy, foolhardy risks like starting fights and driving recklessly. Other Sixes become almost paralyzed by their fear, calculating every possible outcome before they'll make a move. Then they'll second-guess themselves and be riddled with self-doubt until the next thing to perseverate over comes along.

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