What are people with Enneagram type one personalities like?

Lisa Oz
Health Education

People with Enneagram Type One personalities are idealists. They think everything (themselves included) should be perfect and are profoundly disappointed when they see this isn't the case. Actually, they get angry, but of course they don't show it, because, well, perfect people aren't angry. Since they have such great self-control, suppressing their hostile feelings isn't a problem for most Ones. That way they can go back to being perfect.

Ones want life to be fair, people to be honest, and the universe to behave in an orderly fashion. When this isn't the case, they'll set about trying to fix it themselves, or at least tell you how to fix it. They're good fixers. They will clean up crime, feed the homeless, and reform the tax code. Ones are also good teachers. They sincerely want to share their vision of "the right way" with others. Typically, Ones are the crusaders, the reformers, and the judges. They want to make everything all better. Ones are moral, rational, highly principled, hardworking, and noble. I love Ones. For some reason I feel safe around them. You almost always know where you stand when you're with a One. They're so earnest and straightforward. If a One doesn't like you, it's usually because you've done something wrong.

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