Does my true self need experience to fill a void?

Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
The ego feels safe whenever it has a chance to exclude. Dividingexperience into "mine" and "not mine" is the ego's job. Let that beas it is, but know that your job is to enrich yourself with as muchof life's bounty as possible.

Your true self doesn't need experience to fill a void; it loves thepanoply and drama of life the way an art collector loves the imageshe collects. An art collector feels enriched when he is able toabsorb these images, but he doesn't mistake himself for hispictures. Likewise, you can be enriched by the points of view allaround you without mistaking them for yourself.

A viewpoint is just a perspective, a focus. Each varied focus islike a new image to a photographer - you snap the picture,appreciate it in the moment, and then wait for a new image to comealong.

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