How can my inner voice be tamed?

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    The answer is freedom, yet in a most peculiar way: You must free yourself from decisions. The voice in your head will die down once you stop making choices.

    A samskara -- a groove in the mind that makes thoughts flow in the same direction and thus robs one of free choice -- is a choice you remember from the past. Each choice changed you by a tiny fraction.The process began at birth and continues to this day. Instead of fighting it, we all believe we should keep on making choices; as a result, we keep adding new samskaras and reinforcing the old ones. In Buddhism, this is called the wheel of samskara because the same old reactions keep coming around again and again. In a cosmic sense, the wheel of samskara is what drives a soul from one lifetime to the next -- old imprints impel us to face the same problems time and again, even beyond death.

    Yet in a state of simple awareness, the most evolutionary choices seem to come spontaneously. While the ego agonizes over every detail of a situation, a deeper part of your awareness knows what to do already, and its choices emerge with amazing finesse and perfect timing. Hasn't everyone experienced flashes of clarity in which they suddenly know just what to do? Choice-less awareness is another name for free awareness. By freeing up the choice-maker inside, you reclaim your right to live without boundaries.
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