How do I address my bodily sensations of fear?

Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
First locate your bodily sensations of fear. These often include tightened muscles -- first explore the susceptible areas of neck, forehead, chest, pit of the stomach, and lower back. Sometimes we feel pronounced weakness or heaviness in the limbs. Whenever your thoughts are racing, it is likely that your blood pressure may be rising, but there is no way to physically feel this. You want a sensation you can locate. Concentrate on your racing pulse, butterflies in your stomach, weak knees and rubbery legs, etc. -- whatever you associate with fear or anxiety in any form. Now ask for this unwanted energy to leave, and assist it to depart.

This assistance, the most critical step, can be done in many ways:
Deep, relaxed breathing. Reach down to your lower abdomen with each inhalation, then let the air whoosh out naturally, like releasing a sigh.

Listening. Ask inside what the energy wants you to know. We all have thousands of pockets of remembered trauma, each with their own story. Freely open yourself to hearing and seeing where the energy is coming from. As you receive the messages and images, your fear will be met with understanding, making it more susceptible to release.

Move. Trapped energies are frozen. What is stuck needs to be turned into motion. For many people it helps to move physically. Running and moving about is a good release for superficial tension. The deeper energies respond if you physically act them --  writhing, shaking, and trembling, for example, if they reflect what you feel. Stomping and flailing are effective when the stuck energy is rooted in anger.

Make sounds. Anguish has an inarticulate voice, a voice that doesn't like words because they are too weak for the intensity of feeling that is present. Anguish prefers to scream. It shouts, moans, groans, whimpers, and chokes with sobbing. As you feel the deep sensations of your fear, allow such sounds to emerge naturally. Don't force them. (Screaming into a pillow can be a tremendous help.)

Start more gently by toning. When you feel a bodily sensation, humor coo the tone of that sensation, then let the energy carry the tone, high or low, anywhere it wants to go. If toning seems foreign, begin with that satisfied "Hmm" that comes spontaneously at the thought of something delicious to eat. That is a tone (and you already let out others, such as moaning sighs, groans of disappointment, guttural grunts with physical effort).

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