How can I say what I really mean?

Karen R Koenig

To say what you really mean, you should do as follows:

  • Think long and hard before responding to requests and demands.
  • Stop feeling guilty when you say no, or ride out the guilt.
  • Risk not getting approval if you need to confront or challenge someone.
  • Recognize that it’s not your job to make everyone else feel better.
  • Acknowledge that you’re allowed to be imperfect and make mistakes.
  • Let people know in an appropriate way, in the moment or after the fact, when they’ve hurt you.
  • Keep track of what you’re feeling so that you can speak the truth about what’s going on inside you.
  • Give yourself time to understand what you really think, before putting emotions into words.
  • Learn to tolerate feeling uncomfortable when you’ve been honest and direct and someone is upset (because nine out of ten times, he or she will get over it).
  • Realize that it’s far better to feel good about yourself for being honest than bad about yourself for lying to avoid conflict.
  • Understand that self-trust develops from decisions that make you proud.
  • Recognize that no one (except sadists) enjoys hurting someone’s feelings but that healthy people do it to take care of themselves.
  • Recognize that you have every right to say what is on your mind in an appropriate, timely manner no matter what anyone tells you.

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