How can my thought wound or heal?

Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
When you hold a thought about someone, you are either drawing themnear or pushing them away. The power that draws people near islove. When you hold anyone in loving awareness, your naturalinstinct is to embrace, and whoever is embraced is being releasedfrom separation. Fear pushes people away. Anyone you push away isbeing told to go back into separation. Your thoughts may seem likesmall things, yet each person occupies a fragile space emotionallyand is easily wounded. Today welcome everyone into the light thatyou can. This is vital to your healing and theirs.

Sit still and consciously bring everyone you know into yourawareness. See them coming together in a town square. Imagine thatyou are the ruler of this gathering, with the power to hurt orbenefit anyone you wish. Now look over all the faces gazing up atyou and say, "I will use my power wisely." In this promise youacknowledge your role in everyone's healing. You offer yourthoughts to the service of spirit.

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