Why should I express my being as joyful play?

Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
As long as the drama of good versus evil, pleasure versus pain,keeps its appeal, the purpose of life is struggle. Duality, beingborn of separation, exists as a stage set. Since the drama is sofull of richness, what do we do when it ends? Is all purpose lostwhen there's nothing more to win or lose? Many people are horrifiedat the prospect of giving up duality. As someone once candidly toldme, "Go back into the light? It sounds an awful lot like death tome!"

The purpose of life after you escape duality is joyful play. Thishas always been the purpose. Your senses cannot tell that pain isjust another form of bliss - they think it is the opposite ofpleasure. But once you know yourself as spirit, play becomesdivine. The light knows that there is nothing but itself. So whyshould any aspect of itself be less than joyful? Unlike pleasure,bliss is an eternal feeling, born of the sheer enjoyment ofcreation with itself.

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